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Why You Should Join Us

You're a leader in your domain. A voice. An authority. Your customers, peers and competitors look to you for knowledge. 

You are leading your own mini-crusades. You're out there every day supporting your tribe by providing the latest information, keeping an eye on trends, bringing the best products and services to them. 

But who is supporting you? How are you filling your own cup? 

Think of One of a Kind Women as a safe harbour, a leader's circle, the place where you don't have to have all the answers, a place where you can come along with questions, a sanctuary where you can let down your guard.

There's more:

  • Share conversations and experiences
  • Meet people like you for support, encouragement, and to learn from each other
  • Get answers from fellow One of a Kind Women
  • Navigate topics that don’t have easy or obvious answers (the stuff you can’t Google)
  • Step into your own power as a leader in your domain

Meet Jacqui

One of a Kind Women was founded by Expat-Entrepreneur, Jacqui Miyabayashi. After a year of running our fabulous Facebook group, I realised there was a hunger for more. 

Maybe it is the way we're conditioned to think and behave but most Facebook groups that I have been part of, including my own, have a leader at the helm. The leader steers the group and monitors the opinions. Everyone's opinion counts but the group owner's voice often seems to carry more weight. 

I think the time has come for us all to step up as the experts we are.

There's no 'one way' to run a business in 2018. We are all learning and gaining knowledge all the time. We can learn from each other. Can we do away with the hierarchy that is so prevalent in Facebook groups? 

Share Your Knowledge

Your knowledge and experience are as valuable as anyone else's, including mine. Whether you've been in business for one week, one year or one decade you have tried stuff that didn't work, you've discovered something you're excited about, you're rocking the socks off your thing. We want to learn from you. Our collective knowledge is huge. Let's all profit from it. 

In other words, there's no need to wait for the 'expert' decree on what you're trying to do. Our community has the answers.

It's true,  I hold an honours degree in Business Managment (speciality Marketing). I have lived in Japan for over 20 years and have been in business for over ten years. I'm expert-ish in some things but so are you.

Exclusive Resources

Sometimes communities feel like the blind leading the blind. There is still a place for expert knowledge, best practices and emerging trends

Inside One of a Kind Women, you will have access to many resources which will help you make better, informed decisions as you go about running your business. 

Being able to ask "hey, wait a second, what exactly do you mean?" is an invaluable feature of this network. 

This is an exciting place to enable learning that goes above and beyond (no more massive 'investments' into courses that quickly become overwhelming and are soon gathering dust).

Does joining One of a Kind Women give you access to some of Jacqui's learning materials like One of a Kind League and One of a Kind Starter's Club? In a word, yes.

Many of the materials I have used to help expat women in business grow over the past five years will be added to a library of resources accessible to any member of One of a Kind Women. As with any resource, the magic is in being able to discuss the materials and get extra, individualised support. These options will be offered at various times throughout the year.

Do you have teaching materials that would benefit our community? Collaborations are a huge part of what we do here. Brainstorm ideas together to leverage the power of our combined knowledge.

Our core values

Take a break from promoting your own business all the time. Fill your own cup - like a boss! See and learn what is working in your fellow members' communities. #communityovercompetition


You're respected in your field as an authority. You have influence - you are a bada*s! We respect that but it's okay to have a bad day. Top up your reserves here. You'll live to slay another day if you do. #selfcare 

A Big Thanks

You're one of the first to come over to check out this group. Thank you. Things are a bit different from how the Facebook group is run. It might take a bit of getting used to but I hope that you are ready for more and you love this new hangout.

Subscriptions to One of a Kind Women are $14.99 a month, cancel at any time (billed through the app store / iTunes)

Or enjoy twelve months for the price of ten, annual membership is $144.99

Am I in the right place?

  • Are you running your own small or micro business?
  • Does your business have a strong leader/spokesperson at its head (you)?
  • Are you a foreign wife, expat, trailing spouse, or global nomad?

Many women in our One of a Kind Women community self-identify by the criteria above but we're not exclusive. If what we talk about here is resonating with you then, by all means, jump in!

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